Atmospheric pressure vs elephant

You don't get crushed because there is typically as much air pressure inside your body acting outward as there is air pressure outside your body acting inward, so that the typically cancel each other out. So there is no net force acting on you to crush you.

Right, I understand now that the pressure coming from the inside (that balances out the pressure from the air) need not to come just from air, but the entire body is helping. So far so good. Still the question in the original post remains: if I would replace the air above me by two elephants, would my body still be able to withstand it?

In order to compare apples to apples, you would need to (1) remove the atmospheric air (create a vacuum about the body) and (2) somehow apply a force equivalent total amount of weight associated with the elephants uniformly over the entire surface of your body, so that you essentially create the same uniform exterior pressure over your body with the elephants that the atmosphere alone would have created.

Hope this helps.