Azure WebApp container restart issue

What you need to do is change the image from grafana/grafana:latest into grafana/grafana, just delete the version latest and click the save button below. Then it will work.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I just got off the phone with a support engineer from the Azure web apps/app services team, after having pulled my hair out for several days. Literally.

So in case anyone else having trouble with their app service not responding to restarts, configuration changes, docker image changes, etc, you can try this:

In the Azure Portal navigate to your app service and then "Configuration"->"General settings" and set the "Always on" setting to "On". This setting is by default set to "Off" and will make the app service enter an "idle state" after some time of not receiving any requests.

The only way to trigger the app service out of this idle state is to perform a request towards it. Restarts, config changes, docker image changes, etc., will have no effect until that first request is done. Setting the "Always on" setting to "On" will prevent the app service from entering this idle state, and so it will always be responsive.

In terms of cost this setting change shall have no impact. That is unless you are trying to force as many applications into a single app service plan as possible, where many of them are seldomly in use and hence in an idle state will not use any resources of your app service plan total.