Bootable Windows Server 2016 USB Drive

Solution 1:

Yes. This can be done using native Windows commands like diskpart, bootsect and copy (xcopy).

Here are the guides that cover the topic exactly:

Hope this helps.

Solution 2:

That should be possible.

  • Mount ISO image, say drive letter is x:
  • Mount USB Drive, letter y:
  • Run elevated cmd
  • Run diskpart wipe the drive and create an active partition:
  • Caution, this will wipe your disk! list disk, select disk <nr. of pendrive>, clean, select partition 1, active, exit
  • Copy bootsector -> x:, cd boot, bootsect /nt60 y:
  • Copy everything from ISO to thumb drive xcopy x:\*.* y:\ /E /H /F
  • Done.

Handle with care and double check those commands! This works for Server 2012 and should work for 2016, too.

Solution 3:

The closest thing that comes to mind is to use Microsofts own tool: Windows USB DVD tool