Bug with biber 2.15 under Windows with large bib-files

According to new trials by Ulrike Fischer, it is now reasonably certain that this is a bug in the new version of biber, which breaks at a certain bib-file size:



For the time being, there are two possible fixes

  1. Split your bib-file into several files, each with a size <1MB
  2. Use the current development version 2.16 of biber, available on sourceforge, where the bug was fixed.

I cannot write comments (yet) so as an answer: This sounds like a OS-specific problem. I tested on Linux without an issue. There is a very recent issue reported on the github issue tracker (https://github.com/plk/biber/issues/332) similar to your problem and it may be related to EOL markers. Could you check if the solution in the issue tracker works for you? In particular, the user there reported that the conversion to LF-only EOL markers solved the problem.