ChartJs 2.0 How do I obtain point information being clicked upon?

I have a graph with multiple data sets. Using the proposed getElementsAtEvent(evt) function, returns all data sets at a given x position but not only the single dataset index that I clicked on. So, there is no possibility to identify the individual data set.

To get only the single point clicked on:

const activePoint = chartObj.getElementAtEvent(event);
const datasetIndex = activePoint[0]._datasetIndex;
const itemIndex = activePoint[0]._index;

Notice the missing "s" in getElementAtEvent() compared to getElementsAtEvent().

Another way to achieve this in ChartJS 2.0 is to use the lastActive property of the radar chart.

var myRadar = new Chart(document.getElementById("myChart"), config); = true; = 'single';
document.getElementById("myChart").onclick = function (evt) {
var activePoint = myRadar.lastActive[0];
if (activePoint !== undefined) {
        var datasetIndex = activePoint._datasetIndex;
                var index = activePoint._index;
                var datasetName =[datasetIndex].label;
                var title =[index];
                var dataValue =[datasetIndex].data[index];
                alert("Dataset Name: [" + datasetName + "] title: [" + title + "] value: [" + dataValue + "]");

You should be able to use the getElementsAtEvent method, like so

document.getElementById("myChart").onclick = function(evt){
    var activePoints = myRadar.getElementsAtEvent(evt);
    // use _datasetIndex and _index from each element of the activePoints array

Fiddle -