Android - Configuring a google account for a child

Yes, you have to lie. A separate google-account is the only way to protect your under-age kid.

All other options have these restrictions:

  • no privacy settings.
  • apps using of private data can not be restricted.
  • child can not install child safe games.
  • child is not allowed to communicate with parent using text messages.
  • child always uses parent account.
  • only one age, so only one child possible.
  • all data of child is lost when the child is allowed its own account.
  • apps of all children are also your apps.
  • child can not have contact information.
  • you are not allowed to create a google+ page for your child.
  • children receive all notifications. E.g. your private e-mail.
  • etc.

I just found out again by not lying. All drawings, letters to grandma, games and in-game-progress, pictures etc are gone.

Usually we say "please stick with one question per post", as that's how a Q&A site works. But I see the topics somehow belong together, so let me try a "multi-answer" as well:

  1. I cannot tell for other people. But I'd not even give my full/real details for my own account unless really required (and I don't see that requirement for Google)
  2. No, I wouldn't do that. And for sure not bind a "credit card" to a kids account (unless it's a pre-paid CC especially made for the kid)
  3. Never heard of such.
  4. You can either take a pre-paid CC and load it just with a minimum (say, USD 10). Or you could simply use a "gift card", which are available here in Europe for EUR 15/25/50 (I assume similar values elsewhere).
  5. Yes. Bought apps are always bound to the account you've acquired them with.

Depending on the Android version you can setup the whole thing with your primary account. Then you create a second account on the tablet. Since 4.3 you have the choice between a full account and a limited account.

The limited account is controlled by the main account. For instance you install all apps as main user and then decide which ones are available for the limited one.

Only thing I don't know for sure is whether it also inherits the main accounts authentication and authorisation.