Convert a byte to a string in Go

Similar to inf's suggestion but allowing for commas:

fmt.Sprintf("%d,%d,%d,%d", bytes[0], bytes[1], bytes[2], bytes[3])

If you are not bound to the exact representation then you can use fmt.Sprint:

fmt.Sprint(bytes) // [1 2 3 4]

On the other side if you want your exact comma style then you have to build it yourself using a loop together with strconv.Itoa.

Not the most efficient way to implement it, but you can simply write:

func convert( b []byte ) string {
    s := make([]string,len(b))
    for i := range b {
        s[i] = strconv.Itoa(int(b[i]))
    return strings.Join(s,",")

to be called by:

bytes := [4]byte{1,2,3,4}
str := convert(bytes[:])