Dev Console jumpy on mouse scroll

Go to chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring the highlighted option is Scroll Anchoring disable it.

Now you will see the message "Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome." in the bottom with a button RELAUNCH NOW, When you hit this button chrome will relaunch. So first save all your work and then hit this button.

Disable Scroll Anchoring in chrome

Credit: @ChrisMullins

There is a Known Issue for this - Developer Console jumping when using mouse scroll

When working in any piece of code in the Developer Console (apex class, lightning component, trigger and so on) if the user start scrolling down through the content of the piece of code using a mouse wheel, the screen starts scrolling, but then the view intermittently jumps in the opposite direction a few lines.

The current indication is that this is resolved by updating Chrome to v57. However, I've seen reports that this is still an issue even after updating to the latest version of Chrome.

There is a proposed workaround by Chris Mullins (which will hopefully be posted as a separate answer soon).

UPDATE: The issue is back in review status as the problem is still occurring for some users with v57 of Chrome. Since it is in review you can indicate that it is affecting you.