Did google chrome kill public key pinning?

There are two types of pinning - public key pinning (PKP) and PKP over HTTP (HPKP). PKP is alive and well; browsers can be tested with the badssl pinning test, as Benoit E notes in a comment on another answer.

HPKP was planned to be removed in Chrome 65, then in 67 and actually deprecated in v 69.

It no longer exists in Chrome 72 and shows as removed, just as you found also.

TLS 1 and 1.1 are also deprecated in v72.

Firefox has a debate about it here.

Opera version 25 to 53 support Public Key Pinning.

From the Chrome 72 article on Chromium blog:

Remove HTTP-Based Public Key Pinning

HTTP-Based Public Key Pinning (HPKP) was intended to allow websites to send an HTTP header that pins one or more of the public keys present in the site's certificate chain. Unfortunately, it has very low adoption, and although it provides security against certificate mis-issuance, it also creates risks of denial of service and hostile pinning. For these reasons, this feature is being removed.

HPKP was indeed removed in Chrome 72.