Finding hardware manufacturer, model and serial number?

Solution 1:

For Linux then I would say look at dmidecode which is quite often pre-installed or can be easily installed from the distribution's repository.

This will generate a plain text report of all the hardware on the system including serial numbers.

Solution 2:

For Windows, you could use a quick powershell script to wrap up WMI, something like this:

function Get-Inventory([string] $computer = '.')
    $data = ""|select name, vendor, model, serial
    $bios = get-wmiobject 'win32_BIOS' -computername $computer
    $comp = get-wmiobject 'win32_computersystem' -computername $computer
    $ = $comp.Name
    $data.vendor = $comp.manufacturer
    $data.model = $comp.Model
    $data.serial = $bios.SerialNumber
    return $data

If you feed that a text file listing all your computers, like this:

get-content 'mycomputers.txt' | foreach-object{Get-Inventory}

you will end up with a nice table of computers and hardware details. If you need to archive the data, use the export-csv cmdlet to dump the output straight to a file.

Solution 3:

There is an excellent (albeit commercial) solution that does exactly this (the raw text would be csv format I believe), called ISI Snapshot:

It will get all that info and very quickly.

I mention it because you said "if there's a pre-build solution"....

Edit: Also check /proc/cpuinfo and the lsattr -El sys0