Firebase Messaging on Android suddenly started crashing when message received

We tried adding firebaseMessagingVersion = "20.2.1" into the ext section in the root project android/build.gradle which fixed it for us. We looked into the safeExtGet method and found that it would try to extract the top level variable from the root project file.

By doing it in this way we didn't need to touch the node modules.

ext {
        googlePlayServicesVersion = "16.+"
        firebaseVersion = "17.3.4"
        firebaseMessagingVersion = "20.2.1"

Edit 07/09/2020: We have released firebase-iid and firebase-messaging versions 20.2.3 with a fix for this issue, please upgrade to the latest versions.

[Firebaser here] It looks like yesterday's releases of firebase-messaging and firebase-iid contain a bug which can cause this crash. We are working hard on a fix.

For now the best thing to do is to use the versions released on June 18th:


We are working on a fix and hope to have a new release out soon. When we do I will update this answer and the release notes will be available here: