How can I flush GPU memory using CUDA (physical reset is unavailable)

check what is using your GPU memory with

sudo fuser -v /dev/nvidia*

Your output will look something like this:

                     USER        PID  ACCESS COMMAND
/dev/nvidia0:        root       1256  F...m  Xorg
                     username   2057  F...m  compiz
                     username   2759  F...m  chrome
                     username   2777  F...m  chrome
                     username   20450 F...m  python
                     username   20699 F...m  python

Then kill the PID that you no longer need on htop or with

sudo kill -9 PID.

In the example above, Pycharm was eating a lot of memory so I killed 20450 and 20699.

Although it should be unecessary to do this in anything other than exceptional circumstances, the recommended way to do this on linux hosts is to unload the nvidia driver by doing

$ rmmod nvidia 

with suitable root privileges and then reloading it with

$ modprobe nvidia

If the machine is running X11, you will need to stop this manually beforehand, and restart it afterwards. The driver intialisation processes should eliminate any prior state on the device.

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First type


then select the PID that you want to kill

sudo kill -9 PID