How can I list the Active Directory user attributes from a linux computer?

Solution 1:

You can use ldapsearch to query an AD Server. For example, the following query will displya all attributes of all the users in the domain:

ldapsearch   -x -h -D "[email protected]" -W -b "cn=users,dc=domain,dc=int" 

Command options explained:

  • -x use simple authentication (as opposed to SASL)
  • -h your AD server
  • -D the DN to bind to the directory. In other words, the user you are authenticating with.
  • -W Prompt for the password. The password should match what is in your directory for the the binddn (-D). Mutually exclusive from -w.
  • -b The starting point for the search

More info:

Solution 2:

A much simpler command is

id myuser@MYDOMAIN

For this command to work, your machine must have already joined the domain; you can verify that via

realm list