How can you change Mac excel 2011 to separate using commas, not semicolons?

Excel for Mac currently has no setting to change the CSV separator from the app itself.

The chosen value separator depends on your Region and your region's default number separators.  To change them, go to “System Preferences” > “Language & Region”:

System Preferences > Language & Region

Then you need to verify the number separators in “Advanced …” > “General”.

Advanced > General

Here are the rules Excel uses to determine how it saves CSV files:

  • If your language / region / locale uses comma (,) for decimal separation (i.e., π (pi) is displayed as 3,1416), then Excel will save using semi-colons (;)
  • If it uses a dot (., a.k.a. full stop or period), then it will delimit with commas (,).


  • You need to change your general region for it to work. For example, if your region is Germany (which uses , for decimal separation), Excel will always use ; for CSVs, even when changing the decimal point under “Advanced” settings. You could, for example, if you want , as a CSV separator, choose the United States as a region.
  • You need to relaunch Excel for it to notice. Quit the app, change the region, then start it again.

I've tried the accepted answer with no success. (High Sierra + Excel 16.10) My only option has been to use open office, far away from Excel in this feature.