How do I check when my next Airflow DAG run has been scheduled for a specific dag?

If you want you use the Airflow's CLI, there's next_execution option

Get the next execution datetime of a DAG.

airflow next_execution [-h] [-sd SUBDIR] dag_id


If you need to do it programmatically (within an Airflow task), you can refer to

  • next_execution(..) function of
  • (now moved to dag_next_execution(..) function of in master)
def next_execution(args):
    Returns the next execution datetime of a DAG at the command line.
    >>> airflow next_execution tutorial
    2018-08-31 10:38:00
    dag = get_dag(args)

    if dag.is_paused:
        print("[INFO] Please be reminded this DAG is PAUSED now.")

    if dag.latest_execution_date:
        next_execution_dttm = dag.following_schedule(dag.latest_execution_date)

        if next_execution_dttm is None:
            print("[WARN] No following schedule can be found. " +
                  "This DAG may have schedule interval '@once' or `None`.")

        print("[WARN] Only applicable when there is execution record found for the DAG.")


To get not just the next, but further execution_dates, refer to Airflow - how to get all the future run date

In version 2.0.0 of airflow, on the command-line you can find the next execution with

airflow dags next-execution <dag_id>