Android - How do I transfer numbers/contacts from Windows Mobile to Android?

It's pretty easy, because your Android phone will sync to Google Contacts.

  1. Sync your Windows Mobile phone to your computer (outlook, outlook express, whatever you normally sync to)

  2. Export your contacts from there to a CSV. ( Go To file menu on the top left in the out look, click on Import and Export, click on Export file to, Click Next, click on Comma Separated Values (Windows), click on Next, click on Contacts, click on Browse Select drive and Folder Where you want to save file, click on Next.) You are DONE

  3. Use Google Contacts to import the CSV (import is in the upper right from

  4. Wait a couple minutes. All of your contacts will show up on your Android phone soon!

An even simpler method (at least for me) would be to first sync your contacts in WinMo to Google Sync (Active sync settings are: server:, Use SSL, username and password are the same as other google services ([email protected]) and contacts must be selected in the data selection) and then on your Android phone you should have automatic contact sync enabled by default.

Did this with my HTC Touch HD and Motorola Milestone/Droid, took a couple of minutes, and everything on the Android side went completely automagically.

You can use myFUNAMBOL.

  1. Setup a Funambol account at
  2. Download the Funambol CAB install file to your Windows Mobile device (that is actually running Windows Mobile. You can get the CAB file by going to the email tab in your Funambol portal and selecting download)
  3. Install Funambol (onto Window's Mobile)
  4. Sync your contacts with the Funambol server by launching Funambol and entering your Funambol portal account information
  5. Download the Funambol Android application (from Funambol Forge)
  6. Put the .apk file on your SD card in the /Storage Card/AndroidApps folder. If this folder doesn't exist, create it.
  7. Boot into Android by running Android from your program menu or by manually running haret.exe
  8. Once in Android, bring up the Application menu.
  9. Open the Funambol application.
  10. Press the menu key and tap on Settings.
  11. Enter your Funambol portal information.
  12. Click Sync contacts and let it sync your contacts.