How to create a bootable Debian USB drive using Windows

To create a bootable USB, you can follow the steps below:


Go to the website of the OS you wish to install, and find an iso image to download. In your case, since you want to run a Debian OS, here is a link to its iso options:

Choose an iso image from the options, and click on it. This should automatically start the image download. While file is downloading, go to second step.


Get a utility program to format and create bootable USB flash drives. Some have already been suggested, so I will just link you to my favourite:

Download the utility and go to third step.


By this stage, if your iso image has not yet finished downloading, then wait until it does.

Now that you have both the utility and the iso image downloaded:

  1. Plug in your USB drive
  2. Open Rufus (to write your USB)
  3. Select the iso image you just downloaded to write on the USB, and fill out the other options accordingly (eg. selecting your USB drive etc)
  4. Click on the option for starting the write process (with Rufus, it is the "Start" button)

Once Rufus finishes, simply reboot, booting from your USB, which should start up your Debian OS.

we can easily make bootable Debain using rufus software from windows.