How to delete Scratch Org user from deleted scratch?

Scratch Orgs are deleted asynchronously after you run the delete command (or it expires). It will take some time for that username to be freed up, probably at least 24 hours. You'll need to use a different user name in this case, as there's nothing you or Support can do. In the future, rename the user before deleting the org if you wish to reuse the user name in a different scratch org.

In addition to @sfdcfox response (which is technically accurate) , I suggest you do not try to reuse the same username in different scratch orgs, this seems a very bad habit and all your project orgs may get quickly messy, even more if you use CI.

You could for example use some suffix for your scratch org usernames, using your project name and the creation date.

Structure : [email protected]

Example: [email protected]