How to disable core file dumps in docker container

i have this problem too on the docker swarm service and --ulimit core=0 does not work in swarm service i used below command and worked for me in docker swarm service!

sysctl -w kernel.core_pattern=/dev/null

For those using docker-compose, in the .yml file set ulimits:

                hard: 0
                soft: 0

You have to start your container with the option --ulimit core=0 to disable coredumps.



On the host, temporarily set the coredump path to /tmp for verification:

echo '/tmp/core.%e.%p' | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

Start a container as usual and force a core dump:

docker run --rm -it bash
(inside the container)
# yes > /dev/null &
# kill -SIGABRT $(pidof yes)
# ls /tmp
(shows core.yes.<pid>)

Now, with --ulimit core=0:

docker run --ulimit core=0 --rm -it bash
(inside the container)
# yes > /dev/null &
# kill -SIGABRT $(pidof yes)
# ls /tmp
(No entries)