how to - github two factor authentication with eclipse

Although I'm by no means an expert on this, it sounds like you should be using a Personal Access Token

  1. Login to your Github Profile
  2. Go to Setting
  3. Go to Developer Setting
  4. Click on Generate New Token
  5. Give a name to your Token, select all the Check Boxes.
  6. Generate the token.
  7. Your token will be created, copy the token, and paste it in eclipse in the password section while importing project from Git. Username will be your git Username. Select HTTPS mode while importing in Eclipse.
  8. Now you will be able to see your Branch. Pull appropriate one.


What worked for me in Windows:

  1. Create Personal Access Token to authenticate to GitHub. Copy this token for step 3.
  2. In Eclipse open Window → Preferences → Team → Git → Configuration → Tab Repository Settings:

    • Select your repository and change the url for remote as follows: (without the ending .git)
  3. Push your changes to github as usual. If you are asked to enter your github credentials enter your username and as password your above generated Personal Access Token.