Android - How to go to a specific time of a video clip quickly in YouTube app?

If you type/paste the URL with the time behind #t= into your browser on Android (I use Chrome, but others would presumably work the same way) you should get a popup asking you if you want to open the link in YouTube. This will open the video in the YouTube app and jump straight to the time defined.

Matt Cutts explains how to do this with the YouTube URL on his blog. Try copy/pasting into your browser as an example.

YouTube Time URL Android

Well, you can't do that in the YouTube app. I tried some third party apps as well and nothing came up. In addition, the YouTube app's website also tells you to ...slide the scrubber below the video to jump to a different part of the video...

So I guess the only option for you is to use your browser to view videos.

Hope this helps.

YouTube now has updated their player and to jump to small area, there is now a popup slider for us to pick the point.