Install MongoDB on Manjaro

It is available in AUR, so you can view it with pamac with -a flag, eg.

  pamac search -a mongodb-bin
  pamac info -a mongodb-bin

And, then build and install with (this can be done after manually cloning too) -

  pamac build mongodb-bin

Note that there's also a package named mongodb, but mongodb-bin is a newer release (you can check the version numbers by search or info arguments)

Here is what I did to install.

As the package is not available in the official Arch repositories and can't be installed using pacman, you need to follow a few steps to install it.

First, you need to get the URL for the repo of prebuilt binaries from AUR. It can be found here and by the time of writing this it was

Simply clone the repo in your home directory or anywhere else. Do git clone, then head to the cloned directory, cd mongodb-bin.

Now, all you need to do is to run makepkg -si command to make the package. the -s flag will handle the dependencies for you and the -i flag will install the package.

After makepkg finishes its execution, don't forget to start mongodb.service. Run systemctl start mongodb and if needed enable it with systemctl enable mongodb.

Type mongo in the terminal and if the Mongo Shell runs you are all set.

Later edit (8.2.2021): This package is now available in AUR.