Install PHP Extension for PHP 5.6 on OSX with deprecated homebrew/php

Now at 2022, I only found to be still working.

See Error while doing `brew tap exolnet/homebrew-deprecated`


As it turned out, that you might also need legacy mysql 5.7 together with the ancient php, I ended up using lando (based on docker) to get it up running. This is my .lando.yml:

name: app
recipe: drupal6 # pulls also composer and drush as a colateral, any other php 5.6 application will work never the less
  php: '5.6'
  database: mysql:5.7
  webroot: .

Greetings to my fellow archeologists ;)

I've found a solution to use old version of homebrew/php on my Mac.

Step 1

Go to last valid release of homebrew/php for php56

and download the Zip file.

Step 2

Go to


and rename the Tap




Step 3




and rename folder in


Step 4

Search your php extension with brew:

$ brew search php56-redis
==> Searching local taps...
==> Searching taps on GitHub...
==> Searching blacklisted, migrated and deleted formulae...

Step 5

Install pakages without updates:

HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1 brew install homebrew/php/<formula>

This will stop the homebrew update for this command. If you want to prevent auto update for your shell session, use:


to set it permanently, add it to your ~/.bash_profile.

First install exolnet/homebrew-deprecated

$ brew tap exolnet/homebrew-deprecated

After it install deprecated package

$ brew install [email protected]