Apple - Installation of macOS High Sierra Update 10.13.4 failed; how do I recover without losing data?

Fortunately I was able to simply reinstall macOS High Sierra by booting into Recovery Mode (Command ⌘ + R) and choosing Reinstall macOS High Sierra.

I did not erase my drive first since system volume was intact (no errors after running Disk Utility). I simply reinstalled the OS and I was able to log back in with all my data, settings, and apps still there just like before.

Also, this installed the 10.3.4 version of macOS High Sierra, so I don't have to go through the update process again.

At the installation log, I clicked on startup disk and chose Macintosh HD and restarted. The system successfully booted into 10.13.3. Now I'm trying to update the OS from the App Store again.

One thing that worked for me was holding down the Option key and selecting the original partition to boot into. Then downloading the update directly from Apple and installing it.

macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Combo Update can be downloaded here.