Is it possible to disable the HTTP referer header being passed by browsers?

To disable referrers in the various browsers and utilities:


Invoking Chrome with the parameter of --no-referrers will disable sending referrers.

Or you could use the extension of noref.


Private browsing will already strip paths in HTTP referrers to the bare website only, such as

Firefox also allows very extensive control of referrers via switches in about:config. Their list is found in Security/Referrer.

The main switch here is network.http.sendRefererHeader, but much finer control is possible:

  • controls whether or not to send a referrer regardless of origin
  • values:
    • 0 = never send the header
    • 1 = send the header only when clicking on links and similar elements
    • 2 = (default) send on all requests (e.g. images, links, etc.)


Can be disabled via menu Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network, and uncheck "Send referrer information".

Spoofing web service

Standalone filtering proxy (spoof any header)


Spoofing http_referer when using wget


Spoofing http_referer when using curl

-e, --referer <URL>

Spoofing http_referer wth telnet

telnet 80 (press return)
GET /index.html HTTP/1.0 (press return)
Referer: (press return)
(press return again)

Reference: In what cases will HTTP_REFERER be empty.

You can use a combination of the addon Clean Links & DoNotTrack.

You can get Clean Links from here & DoNotTrack from here.

DoNotTrack will remove the trackers that are following you. This will also make sites think that you typed the address and not came from a search engine such as Google, or Yahoo. Clean Links will remove the obvious ones that are in the link automatically. This one might not work with all sites, but it's worth a try.

If DoNotTrack does not work for your browser, or if you'd like an alternative, use Disconnect. If you are using Chrome, you can use Fix URL Links Redirect instead of Clean Links.

Get Disconnect from here & Fix URL Links Redirect from here.

Personally, I use Disconnect what you can choose whatever you want.