Is it possible to rerun kubernetes job?

Solution 1:

You can simulate a rerun by replacing the job with itself:

  • kubectl get job "your-job" -o json | kubectl replace --force -f -

If you get errors due to auto-generated labels or selectors, you can delete or edit them with jq:

  • kubectl get job "your-job" -o json | jq 'del(.spec.selector)' | jq 'del(.spec.template.metadata.labels)' | kubectl replace --force -f -

Solution 2:

No. There is definitely no way to rerun a kubernetes job. You need to delete it first.

Solution 3:

You can also avoid the error you mentioned by specifying

  generateName: dbload

instead of simply name

In that case, each job you submit with this yaml file will have a unique name that will look something like dbloada1b2c. Then you can decide whether you need to delete the old jobs, but you won't have to do it.

Here is a working yaml example:

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: Job
  generateName: netutils-
  parallelism: 1
      - image: amouat/network-utils 
        name: netutil
      restartPolicy: Never

This is the output from kubectl get job after two kubectl create -f example.yaml commands:

netutils-5bs2s   0/1           14s        14s
netutils-dsvfk   0/1           10s        10s