Is it safe to store passwords on Google drive?

Is Google Drive safe?

I wouldn't say that Google drive is not a safe place to store sensitive information. But I bet you cannot rely on it. When it comes to protecting your sensitive data/privacy, it is always good to be sure, and just trusting drive is not being "sure".


One word, Encryption.

Encrypt your data before you store them in the Google drive. Now you don't have to depend on Google to protect your data security, it is you who should keep your mouth shut about your key ;)


Encryption is not always needed when storing normal data which falls under the general category(something like the things you share in the social networks,etc.)

But it is really a great option when it comes to storing your confidential information in drive and in my experience, I am pretty sure that passwords fall under this category.

Quick answer: NO.

If you ever decide that you will automatically log-in to google drive on your device, anyone with access to your machine has access to your passwords.

If you want to store passwords I think you might be better off using a password manager.

Check this list:,2817,2407168,00.asp

Only if you trust Google with that information. This is because in all likelihood Google has access to everything in your Google drive and can extend that access to anybody given a court order to do so.

As for if this is good, it's not.