Laravel eloquent update record without loading from database

Use property exists:

$post = new Post();
$post->exists = true;
$post->id = 3; //already exists in database.
$post->title = "Updated title";

Here is the API documentation:

The common way is to load the row to update:

$post = Post::find($id);

In your case

$post = Post::find(3);
$post->title = "Updated title";

But in one step (just update) you can do this:

$affectedRows = Post::where("id", 3)->update(["title" => "Updated title"]);

Post::where('id',3)->update(['title'=>'Updated title']);

You can simply use Query Builder rather than Eloquent, this code directly update your data in the database :) This is a sample:

            ->where('id', 3)
            ->update(['title' => "Updated Title"]);

You can check the documentation here for more information: