Laravel Homestead: "VM not created.. moving on"

I found the answer at Laracasts. Copied directly from there:

Try doing this... You should see a vagrant box that is listed that is linked to your composer/vendor...

vagrant global-status

Example Output:

$ vagrant  global-status
id       name    provider   state   directory
1ace413  default virtualbox running (...)/laravel/homestead

Then go ahead and run:

vagrant provision {ID}

Example input:

vagrant provision 1ace413

ID being the id of the vagrant instance in the above step.

You should then be good to go!

I recently change my laptop from 32 bit to 64 bit and have to redo installation and setup of my Homestead again.

After setup everything I run below command

vagrant reload --provision

and I get the same feedback which is

==> default: VM not created. Moving on...

After that I try this command and all works well.

vagrant up

I think for first time running Homestead, no need to reload --provision.