List supported terminal types?

Solution 1:

On most systems, you can look for files under /usr/share/terminfo. On some versions of Solaris that may be /usr/lib/terminfo instead. Some system will also have a termcap file, which may be in /etc. /usr/share, or occasionally /usr/share/misc; the terminal names in that are in lines matching ^[^\t].*|, and every name between |s is a valid terminal name. (Technically the first 2-character entry is also valid, but in practice unused; it's left over from a tty driver hack for 6th Research Edition UNIX. Some termcap parsers may also accept the long description, but many won't.).

The definitive answer for any system will be in termcap(5) and/or terminfo(5).

Solution 2:

If you have the ncurses package installed, you can use toe(1). Beyond that, something like

ls /usr/share/lib/terminfo/?/*

should work, but the location of the database is not consistent across operating systems.

Solution 3:

At first you need to get path of terminfo such as :

 #infocmp -D

Then run :

find  /usr/share/terminfo/ -type -f  -print

NOTE: result was about 3000 lines.

It can help you to retrieve list of terminal types