Locate bookmarks folder after finding bookmarks in Firefox

White Alice0775 is your saviour, and helps a bit with my problem.

Show Parent Folder Add On works around bug 196509 - so it has already been reported. I've also installed Go Parent Folder to go with it.

Do your search. Bookmarks. Organize Bookmarks. Search Bookmarks. Like You and other said there it is. So double or single click (whichever) and go to the site. Now right click the tab itself. Click Bookmark this Tab. Since you already have this Bookmark, the Edit this Bookmark window appears. Name of Bookmark (website) Folder (Name) What your looking for. There is (2) two drop down arrows next to the folder name. Choose (click) the one furthest right. Which now allows you to scroll down to the highlighted folder and information needed to say, THERE IT IS! I KNOW THIS WILL HELP ( konmaan )

Helpful Hint: open two browser windows, reading this one working on the other.