Apple - Missing Reminders since upgrade to Catalina beta


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You can then select to restore Reminders. Restore back to the earliest date available and it will work again (Although you can no longer access them on iCloud via the web or any devices that have been upgraded to iOS 13/Catalina. Your restored Reminders will also no longer Sync with iOS 13/Catalina. See update below for workaround).

This will also cause Calendars to be restored, so before restoring, back up your calendars. You can also install a Google account on your Mac (Go to System Preferences > Accounts and enter your Google details) and copy your calendar events to the Google Account, which will keep them backed up.

UPDATE: If you want to continue to use your Reminders and sync them between devices while still remaining on Mojave (or pre IOS 13), consider adding one of the following accounts to your devices. All these allow Reminders to continue to work after the upgrade even on Apple systems that cannot be upgraded to the new Reminders:

  • Yahoo Account
  • AOL Account
  • Microsoft Exchange (you need an organization that provides Exchange accounts to do this, you cannot set one up yourself).

(Obviously, if you add one of these 3 accounts, you need to add your reminders to these accounts (and not your iCloud account), but you can do that from within the Reminders App. It's really easy to move things between Apple accounts and these accounts, so in minutes you can have everything working again).

The only thing that worked for me to recover them was:

  • open Xcode simulator
  • run a iOS 12 device
  • login to iCloud inside the simulator
  • manually copy reminders from the simulator to the mac reminders app

macOS Catalina and iOS 13 brings a completely rebuilt Reminders app, which requires a new database. On first launch of Reminders the database will be upgraded. Upgraded iCloud reminders cannot be viewed on devices running macOS prior to Catalina and iOS prior to 13. Currently, as both macOS Catalina and iOS 13 are in beta, upgraded reminders are not available on either.

Be aware that many of the new features in Reminders require a format change that prevents syncing with other copies of Reminders running in Mojave and iOS 12.

Upgrade Reminders