Apple - NoScript for Safari

There's also JavaScript Blocker.

I'm not super familiar with NoScript, but from a quick glance at the site, I can think of two good starting points - how useful they are will depend on which features of NoScript you make use of.

ClickToPlugin is a great plugin blocker, pretty configurable, and it also has a fantastic h.264 replacement for Flash video. It substitutes h.264 video with a nice tidy player (mostly just the standard Safari player with one or two modifications) wherever it can, probably gets 80-90% of video in my experience. Makes in-browser video a lot nicer.

JavaScript Blacklist blocks 3rd party JS stuff, good for stuff like and all those double-underlined shopping popup links in forums. Configuration options may be a bit basic for your tastes, but it's a good start.

Ghostery is a great option if you're just aiming for privacy. It runs in every browser on every operating system, even mobile ones.