Perfect positioning of an image on top of text

Based on this perfect answer, using pullquote environment, following code maybe help:



    \node (0,0) {\includegraphics[width=4cm]{example-image-a}};




enter image description here

wrapfig isn't actually suited for this-- I came to realize-- thanks to the interesting question put up @永劫回帰 (the package documentation particularly warns: "It does work in two-column format, but are your figures that small ?" Rather the previous answer @ferahfeza seems far closer up to the mark !

But still, there are situations where one tries and tries one's own way... even to fall short of perfect success. The trial should count, I believe, at least in terms of developers. So, I'm posting this answer fully aware that it might be too clumsy to implement (at least when there's a straightforward pullquote), but could extend the wrapfigure environment to somewhere its developer Donald Arse­neau might not have wondered when creating it sixteen years ago !

Here's my tailored solution, inspired by a ctan documentation:



\caption{This wrapfigure spans two-columns of text}

\lipsum[3-5]  %  deciding the break is vital to the 
              %  nice functioning of a 2-col wrapfigure

%  this only creates free space without inserting anything



producing this output:

enter image description here