Process finished with exit code -1073741515 (0xC0000135)

The error seems to be related to issues in native code (e.g. C/C++) and might be related to issues in loading some dll file. To know which file, the Windows "Event Viewer" is your friend.

The "Event Viewer" -> "Windows Logs" -> "Application" feed usually shows one or more rows for each crashed application and one of them should list the problematic filename.

Personally I observed similar issue with matplotlib on Python 3.9 (installed using Anaconda on Windows 10). I could see this kind of error when the code was executed using PyCharm. The same code just crashed with no visible errors when starting from Anaconda console.

The Event viewer then showed issue with freetype.dll. In this case, the problem was fixed by downgrading the packege from 2.11.0 to 2.10.4:

conda install freetype=2.10.4

Depending on the exact issue, I could imagine that removing pycache folder might help (like mentioned in other answers). Also, sometimes it might make sense to look at the PATH environment variable to actually understand why certain dll file is loaded from such a location.

This may be due to another program locking that memory location. Before you try more drastic measures, know that restarting the computer fixed the problem for me.

reinstall python – you don't have python33.dll in c:\WINDOWS\system32\

Maybe you have different python versions – look at folders in root of c:

If yes, then point to your version of python.exe in pyCharm > Settings > Project Interpreter