Proper usage of <title>, <header>, <h1> and <h2> in a HTML5 website?

During my extensive web searches I have found a quote which I find useful and suspect that future readers of this question will also.

Use <h1> for top-level heading

<h1> is the HTML element for the first-level heading of a document:

  • If the document is basically stand-alone, for example Things to See and Do in Geneva, the top-level heading is probably the same as the title.
  • If it is part of a collection, for example a section on Dogs in a collection of pages about pets, then the top level heading should assume a certain amount of context; just write <h1>Dogs</h1> while the title should work in any context: Dogs - Your Guide to Pets.

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The above quote seems to suggest that the document-level <h1> element can assume that the context of the current page which is defined using the <title> itself. So presumably if there were multiple pages with the exact same <h1> then this would be okay...

<title>Getting Started | Guide | Uber Product - Company Name</title>
<h1>Getting Started</h1>

<title>Getting Started | Guide | Other Uber Product - Company Name</title>
<h1>Getting Started</h1>

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