Running ArcGIS Desktop in virtual machine?

To solve the rendering-issues in VirtualBox you need to disable 3D-Hardware- and 2D-Video-Acceleration.

This is quite paradox, but I asked friends who used ArcGIS in a VirtualBox session and they simply told me I should try to turn off the acceleration.

It works.

disabled 3d Hardware and 2d Video worked for me, Arcgis 10 running on Windows 7 64 bits in a native Linux Ubuntu Machine

ArcGIS Desktop does not require a high end graphics card. It can run with a low end Graphics card or even without one. What it requires is hardware graphics acceleration to draw all the gradients and shading as well as dynamic display.

Have a look at the hardware requirements of Arcgis Desktop?

64 MB RAM minimum, 256 MB RAM or higher recommended. NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel chipsets supported.

It requires atleast 24-bit capable graphics accelerator

OpenGL version 2.0 runtime minimum is required, and Shader Model 3.0 or higher is recommended.

Be sure to use the latest available driver.

There is a big chance that your virtual machine might not meet the requirements, but try running to see if your virtual Machine is supported.

The 3D Acceleration Support in VirtualBox is quite limited, according to this thread.