security breach fnaf code example

Example: when is security breach coming out

Bears Claw
  [Five nights at Freddy’s Inspired Story]
Andrew woke up from a nightmare, there were sharp clawed creatures, looking around. He was in a forest, but instead of hunting animals, the animals were hunting you. Andrew was franticly running away from these creepy animals; they weren’t cute animals anymore. They looked like they were out for him, he had to find somewhere to hide. Andrew thought, “Dreams can’t be reality right, but why do I always have that nightmare? Always starting over again on where I was last.” Andrew didn’t know if these creations were exact from the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location he always visits, but they did look alike. There was a chicken, a bunny, a bear, and a pirate fox. All looking creepier and more terrifying than the fun animatronics at Freddy’s. He decided since it was the weekend, he were to go to Freddy’s and figure out what is causing it. Andrew wants to complain on how these dreams are almost like real, his mother never listened, the only time his mother was cautious was once, Andrew was running around his room hiding behind furniture, all doing so with his eyes closed and making crying sounds. His mother has always slept with him since then, she realizes it doesn’t happen as much while someone is nearby. On Sunday, Andrew went to Freddy’s to figure out the problem and why his nightmares were caused. He saw nothing wrong, it all looked the same since last visit. He had a feeling he was being watched by one of the animatronics, Bonnie. He has always been terrified of bonnie the bunny. He went up to bonnie to face his fears and stop being the wimp he always had been.


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