Setting up SSH keys for Bitbucket on Windows

There are two ways to load a remote git repository: using SSH and using HTTPS.

SSH will use a key pair, and requires the public key to be added to your BitBucket/GitHub profile.

HTTPS requires your BitBucket/GitHub username and password. You will be promoted for your password every time you interact with the remote server (clone, fetch, push, pull).

If you are currently being prompted for a password, that means the remote URL is currently set to use HTTPS. You can determine this be running git remote -v. To change to use SSH, you need to update the remote URL to the SSH URL by running git remote set-url <remote alias> <SSH URL>. If you only have one remote server, <remote alias> will be origin. You can find the SSH URL in BitBucket/GitHub under the clone option of the repository.

Please follow the steps to add ssh key into bitbucket account to solve your issue.

  1. Open git bash terminal and enter the command ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your email address"
  2. Enter passphrase (leave it blank) and enter
  3. Enter the same phrase again (leave it blank) and enter
  4. Copy the file content from where it is residing in your system (C:\Users\username\.ssh)
  5. Login to bitbucket account and click top right most user icon ->bitbucket settings->ssh keys under security menu then paste into key field and save it. 6.Restart your git bash terminal and enter git init command and add ssh git repository location [email protected]:username/repository_name.git which is present in your bitbucket repository.


1) create .ssh folder under your home directory like: mkdir C:\Users\USERNAME\.ssh

2) Copy id_rsa and into directory from previous step

3) Close and open cmd (console window)

4) You need to clone the repository as SSH repository, like: git clone ssh://[email protected]:USERNAME/repository.git

Then it should work.