Split string based on spaces and read that in angular2

let stringToSplit = "abc def ghi";
StringToSplit.split(" ");

First, stringToSplit and StringToSplit are not the same. JS is case sensitive. Also you dont save result of StringToSplit.split(" ") anywhere and then you just output the first character of the string stringToSplit which is a. You could do like this:

    let stringToSplit = "abc def ghi";
    console.log(stringToSplit.split(" ")[0]); // stringToSplit.split(" ") returns array and then we take the first element of the array with [0]

PS. also it is more about JavaScript than TypeScript or Angular.

Made a few changes:

let stringToSplit = "abc def ghi"; let x = stringToSplit.split(" "); console.log(x[0]);

The split method returns an array. Instead of using its result, you are getting the first element of the original string.