Steps to assign static IP address in CentOS Linux via command line?

By default, networking on CentOS 7 and 8 is managed by NetworkManager.

It uses a plugin called ifcfg-rh to read the old network service configuration files (used in CentOS 6 and previous versions) such as the one you mentioned and translate them into the appropriate NetworkManager configuration.

What has probably happened here is that the interface name has changed from what it was during installation. This often happens with virtual machines running under VMware products. It looks like you had the interface name ens192 at install time. You can use ip link to see the current interface name.

If the name differs, you can edit the file and change the interface name within, then reload NetworkManager.

[root@PRDSIEM01-VM ~]# systemctl reload NetworkManager 

While NetworkManager excels at managing networks for desktop/laptop systems, and certainly works for servers, it's quite heavy for that purpose. I've lately begun switching my CentOS 8 servers to the much lighter systemd-networkd, which is a bit better integrated into the system, but doesn't support desktop/laptop systems (particularly WiFi) as well. You might consider doing the same.