Android - Swype quick emoji input list

My gf and I have compiled a list of what we have found so far, and are still discovering more.

☺ happy wondering smile sad / cry concerned / worried OMG tongue / raspberry grin wink asleep sleepy scared fear cool emo stubborn

☝ up / one bad / no / thumbs down good / yes / thumbs up clap hello / wave hear / ear smell / nose mouth eyes / see massage

guy / boy girl couple angel skull ghost liberty yay swim run kiss

✈ plane train car bus bike ⛵ boat trolley

walk / hike man woman baby smoke

bird dog cat fish whale panda rabbit / bunny monkey chicken pig horse sheep cow tiger

❤ heart love ✔ check mark trail / footprints knife gun / shoot ☎ phone ✂ scissors / cut box money atm / cash date ⏰ alarm shower

music guitar saxophone violin

beer drink / martini wine hamburger / cheeseburger ☕ coffee ice cream pizza donut tomato bread chocolate candy banana ☕ coffee ☕ tea sushi

night sun ☔ rain ☁ cloud ❄ snow / cold fire / hot

shoe shirt jam couple

Few more I found:

mad pout snake helicopter atm / cash ⚾ baseball football basketball ⛳ golf ⚽ soccer tennis goat hair turtle king / queen / crown star crocodile picture / camera mouse lollipop cake ski snowboard surf punch bathroom ⛪ church toilet ok purse heel / sandal diamond ambulance truck movie / theater taxi beach / palm tree koala ⛄ snowman earth / world rainbow penguin octopus snail rat whale tv bowling pool bath battery key flashlight hammer wrench / tool trolley atm / cash chips

poodle umbrella rose gift drug dragon sushi Halloween alien frown surf ♿ wheelchair pill piano Santa ✋ hand ✌ peace cookie game radio glasses smirk