Apple - Sync / Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Alright I have found a way online to do it, the article was in Dutch so I will translate it for you all.

Things you Need:

  1. MAC, preferred latest version

  2. An TextEditor, if you don't have one get the free TextWrangler

  3. Charles Proxy, free to download proxy tool

  4. Python 3, download the MAX OS X installer here

  5. Spotify2Music script

The process:

Step 1 - The Setup

Create a folder on your desktop, this will be our working folder. Place the 2 files from the Spotify2Music zip in here.

Spotify2Music Folder

Step 2 - Exporting the Playlists

Login into Exportify and extract the playlists you want. You can export the playlist by using the green buttons Export. Once you have done this successfully a window opens containing the CSV file. Select the whole file and create a file spotify.csv and place it in the desktop folder you created in step 1.

Exporting playlists

Step 3 - Matching songs

We must match the Spotify songs to Apple Music songs. Open a terminal and cd to the folder on the desktop (see Step 1). By this step you should have installed python 3. While in the Desktop folder type: python3 The script will start working.

Matching songs

Step 4 - Retrieving the cookie from iTunes

We are going to retrieve cookie data from iTunes using Charles Proxy.

  1. From the Menu Proxy go to SSL Proxy Settings

  2. Check 'Enable SSL Proxying'

  3. Click on add and insert '*'

  4. In the same Menu check on 'Mac OS X Proxy'

  5. Go to iTunes go to an Apple Music playlist but don't do nothing

  6. Check you have enabled recording (please refer to image below)

  7. When recording is enabled add the playlist to my Music

enter image description here enter image description here

When Charles is stopped go to to the tabs as shown in the screenshot above. Copy the fields (x-dsid, cookie, x-guid) to TextEdit or Word.

Step 5 - Inserting the Cookie data

The 3 data files we have just "stolen" from iTunes need to be inserted into ''. Open this file with TextWrangler (or equivalent) and go to lines 30,31 and 32. Paste the x-dsid, cookie, x-guid data and save the file. Remember all files must be in the same folder.

enter image description here

Step 6 - Ready to Import!

Open a terminal navigate to the folder from Step 1 typ in 'python3' and you are now importing all the (Matched) Spotify to Apple Music.

enter image description here

Tips and Tricks:

I have made folders like this to enable a quick import of all my playlists. I suggest you do the same. enter image description here

If you run into sync problems, check out this post


Don't over do it! I had all the playlists open in tabs in my terminal and I overflowed the Apple Music buffer. This process takes time so do 1 playlist at a time and go sleep or take a nape or a coffee :)


All credits go to This Post