Tutorials to handle spatial data in R?

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There's quite a few resources for learning 'spatial' R online, some of the better ones are:

  • spatial-analyst.net
  • A really solid blog post by Frank Davenport, with notes on some basic spatial data manipulation in R
  • R Spatial Tips (Internet Archive link, original site seems to be gone)
  • Barry Rowlingson's site containing some great examples and a cheatsheet

A couple I've found useful:

  • I'd strongly recommend Analysing spatial point patterns in 'R' by Prof. Adrian Baddeley at the CSIRO in Australia. It covers the spatstat module in depth and I think it's a great resource for cluster analysis.

  • Applied Spatial Data Analysis in R (Bivand, Roger S., Pebesma, Edzer J., Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio) and Spatial Statistics and Modeling (Gaetan, Carlo, Guyon, Xavier) are also both great books.

Few more from my side:

  • Virgilio Gómez Rubio's (he is the author of the famous/superuseful ASDAR book, mentioned in other answers) website provides materials to his tutorials from useR! conferences - slides, data and code are available.
  • Apart from ADAR, there is now new book 'An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping' by Brundson & Comber with code available for download.

  • CSDE (University of Washington) course on GIS has some spatial R materials, focusing on ESDA, GWR, spatial regression

  • Maps with R I (II, III) series of blog posts offer a lot of extensively commented code that you can learn from.
  • UC Davis Soil Resource Laboratory has a nice collection of tips and examples of spatial R
  • Francisco Rodriguez-Sanchez has a nice materials on 'Spatial data in R: Using R as a GIS'.