unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock no such file

Alright, after messing around some more I found what I did wrong.

Turns out the lines for supervisorctl below, only tell supervisorctl where it can find the socket file.


Further above in the file there are two other lines which define where the file is actually created:


As you can see that created the socket file in /tmp/ while supervisorctl tried to read it from /var/run/. I changed the last line to file=/var/run/supervisor.sock and now it works beatifully.

I hope this answer might help someone else dealing with the same trouble.

Also, you can check out the link provided by @MariusMatutiae in the comments: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10716159/nginx-and-supervisor-setup-in-ubuntu

For users who have the same entry for both




follow below steps to fix the problem -

  1. Delete .sock file from /tmp
  2. Run 'supervisord' command. This will recreate the sock file.
  3. Run 'supervisorctl -i' to check the status of the services.

Hope this helps you!

After too much struggling with this issue, with everybody telling me to just enable or restart which was not working. I finally found out the solution for me:

  • First of all acknowledge that you have the main supervisor.conf file here: /etc/supervisor/supervisor.conf
  • If you are in my case, you also have a project specific .conf file in here: /etc/supervisor/conf.d/project.conf

Somehow supervisorctl was working fine but the weird thing is that doing service supervisor restart breaks everything and you get the error of OP.

The solution then is to:

  1. Rename project.conf to project.conf.tmp
  2. Then service supervisor restart (after what supervisorctl works again)
  3. You rename back your project conf file to project.conf
  4. supervisorctl reread, supervisorctl update, supervisorctl restart all