Use php extensions in Google Cloud App Engine

Google Cloud App Engine only seems to load extensions required in the top level composer.json's require.

It does not seem to resolve dependencies recursevly.

Therefore a workaroud is to add all required extensions manually to the projects composer.json.

Well this is based on Symfony

So on the root of your application create a file php.ini

In the file enter this line

So that your php.ini file will look like this.


Make sure to get installed this php-gd or apt-get install php5-gd

-your OS apt-get install php gd or apt-get install php5-gd, be aware of your php version.

The other approach here woulbe to add "ext-gd": "*" to your application's composer.json:

composer require "ext-gd:*" --ignore-platform-reqs It doesn't matter if gd is enabled in your local PHP install, the flexible environment is built using your composer.json and app.yaml files, so you need to add it there.