UserInfo.isMultiCurrencyOrg() in LWC?

Currently there is no such Utility as discussed in the document here.

You can write a bit of apex to achieve this easily

import { LightningElement, wire } from 'lwc';
import getIsMultiCurrencyOrg from '@salesforce/apex/UserUtility.getIsMultiCurrencyOrg';

export default class IsMultiCurrencyOrg extends LightningElement {
  @wire(getIsMultiCurrencyOrg, {})

A template to test this is as below


If you need this as a Utility i recommend you create a service component as shown in the blog here.

Also read this documentation for sharing Javascript.

Unfortunately Lightning Locker blocks access to global Javascript object that we use in the past like: Aura, sfdc or sForce.

So we do not have a way to solve it without using apex, a cacheable method (since that value will not change much) that returns any of these booleans is what you need:

Boolean multiCurrencyEnabled = Schema.getGlobalDescribe (). ContainsKey ('CurrencyType');

Boolean multiCurrencyEnabled = UserInfo.isMultiCurrencyOrganization ();

I also hope in the future that they expose us an object to solve those kinds of things