View full commands in ps output

If you have a POSIX-conforming ps implementation, you may try

ps -f | more

Note that we¹ recently changed the behavior and if you have an implementation that follows POSIX issue 7 tc2, you may try:

ps -wwf | more

¹ We being the people who have weekly teleconferences to discuss the evolvement of the POSIX standard.

I've probably found the answer for your question on Stack Overflow. In the words of Dennis Williamson:

It is likely that you're using a pager such as less or most since the output of ps aux is longer than a screenful. If so, the following options will cause (or force) long lines to wrap instead of being truncated.

ps aux | less -+S

ps aux | most -w If you use either of the following commands, lines won't be wrapped but you can use your arrow keys or other movement keys to scroll left and right.

ps aux | less -S # use arrow keys, or Esc+( and Esc+), or Alt+( and Alt+)

ps aux | most # use arrow keys, or < and > (Tab can also be used to scroll right) Lines are always wrapped for more and pg.

When ps aux is used in a pipe, the w option is unnecessary since ps only uses screen width when output is to the terminal.

(Note: this applies to non-embedded Linux, the ps utility on other Unix variants may work differently.)

For simplicity, try this: ps auxfww