ViewPager with viewmodel and live data , all 6 tabs data is replaced by last tab data

This should be happening due to your ViewModel.

Typically, there's one ViewModel per Activity or Fragment, due to the way a ViewModel is designed to work. One of the major benefits in using a ViewModel is that it's lifecycle is completely separate from the lifecycle of your Fragment, therefore, your Fragment can be destroyed and recreated multiple times and you'll still be able to restore current data that's stored in your ViewModel.

Therefore, this means that with the typical code to fetch the ViewModel from the ViewModelProviders, you'll be fetching the exact same ViewModel.

Typically, this won't cause a problem, but in your ViewPager, you're reusing the same TimesListFragment which is most likely calling up the same ViewModel, therefore causing each fragment to show the same data.

The solution for this is to use:


Note the KEY which is used to differentiate between the ViewModels that needs to be fetched. So by using the positions in the ViewPager as a unique key, you should be able to have a unique ViewModel for each TimesListFragment.