VMware Snapshot Longer than 3 days

Solution 1:

How do other organizations deal with this?

I do more or less what you're doing. Keeping snapshots around for a few days for a specific reason isn't bad. You just need to make sure to not forget about them and let them "rot" for any longer than is needed. I have my monitoring system set to alert me if snapshots stay around for longer than three days.

Is there a way to "backup" the snapshots?

Not backup the snapshots per se, but better than that - use a product like Veeam to backup your VM images on a regular basis.

Solution 2:

In my opinion, the simplest way will be just to backup VMs regularly, as @EEAA mentioned before.

We have quite large amount of VMs running in our environment. So we configured backup Every 1 week. Our setup is StarWind + Veeam.

Also, we considered other solutions, e.g. MS DPM, but encountered some issues with it. Veeam just works great.